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Hotel Valet Parking Services

For Premier Quality hotel valet service, look no further than Florida Quality Parking. We design custom hotel valet programs, from guest arrival and first impression to check-in and room presentation.

Our professional, polished staff really do make the difference. Each highly-trained Florida Quality Parking valet is dedicated to and passionate about providing the distinguished service your guests expect. With high-profile clients, Florida Quality Parking provides the experience needed to set your hotel apart.

Florida Quality Parking’s hotel valet and parking management services include:

  • Valet parking
  • Hotel event parking
  • Bellman services
  • Doorman services
  • Shuttle transportation
  • Parking deck management

Hotel valet training

The Florida Quality Parking valet training program also includes On Stage Training, in which we train each employee to consistently play a role, as if he or she were an important part of a Broadway production. Consistency, enthusiasm and passion are key. Florida Quality Parking trains our staff to use energetic script greetings and to create a seamless transition from front drive service to room presentation, letting hotel management focus on what’s going on inside the hotel -- not in the parking lot.

Florida Quality Parking also ensures that each valet is cross-trained, enabling them to perform a range of duties from valet parking to doorman and bellman services and everything in between.

What the Florida Quality Parking team can do at your hotel:

  • Work with hotel management to design custom uniforms
  • Put in place a revenue control system for vehicle tracking and posting charges to guest folios (this includes overnight, daily and validation rates)
  • Handle large volumes of traffic for special and corporate events at the hotel
  • Implement airport transportation and shuttle services for hotel events
  • Implement a computerized valet parking system to minimize revenue slippage
  • Tailor training program to meet Premier Quality standards to capture these prestigious ratings


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